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Is the air conditioning in your car just not as cold as it used to be? Your vehicle’s A/C system is likely low on refrigerant and needs a recharge. Though recharging your A/C is a simple process, it can also damage your air conditioning system if done incorrectly. Rather than risk a potential problem, stop by Fast Lane Oil Change in Tigard for a quick and professional A/C recharge.


Does Your Air Conditioning Need a Recharge?

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How To Tell If Your Vehicle Needs an A/C Recharge

If your vehicle needs an A/C recharge, you’ll know it. Instead of the icy cold air you’re accustomed to, the air coming from your vents will be only mildly cool, or not cold at all. 

The most likely cause for this issue is a refrigerant leak in your system. Though it’s common for tiny amounts of refrigerant to naturally leak from your A/C lines over time, there could also be a more serious leak in your hoses, pipes, or in your air conditioning compressor. 

The Dangers of a DIY A/C Recharge

Some people try to save money by recharging their A/C system on their own. Though there are do-it-yourself kits available, there are 3 major (and expensive) issues with this DIY approach:

  1. It’s very difficult to tell how much refrigerant is still left in your system, so you won’t know how much to add

  2. Simply “topping off” your refrigerant doesn’t fix your leak other problem that caused the system to run low in the first place

  3. Mixing refrigerants (old with new) can cause dangerous chemical reactions, so you must know the exact type of refrigerant already in your system


A/C Recharge Services at Fast Lane Oil Change

If your air conditioning isn’t running as cool as it should, stop by our shop! At Fast Lane Oil Change, we take a careful and thorough approach to performing A/C recharges. 

During an A/C recharge, our qualified technicians will.

  • Inspect your system for obvious leaks and make necessary repairs

  • Extract any remaining refrigerant from your vehicle and run it through a recycling system to remove any impurities

  • Put the clean refrigerant back into the A/C system and top it off with additional refrigerant as needed

  • Conduct a performance test of the system as well as an electronic leak test

A/C Recharge Service Guarantee

Most vehicle A/C recharge businesses charge a “hook up” fee of $60-$100 or more when working on an A/C Recharge Service. This is just another way for them to take money from the customer. We don’t believe this fee is fair so we do not charge a hook up fee.

Plus, if your A/C system is not cold immediately after an A/C Recharge Service, you won’t be charged!


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