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Automatic Transmission Flush in Tigard at Fast Lane Oil Change


Has it been awhile since your last transmission fluid replacement? Consider an automatic transmission flush at Fast Lane Oil Change in Tigard. 

An important part of regular vehicle maintenance, fresh transmission fluid helps improve the life of your transmission. Keep your vehicle’s transmission running smoothly!


What is an Automatic Transmission Flush?

A general transmission fluid replacement will cool and clean your automatic transmission with with new fluid and detergent, keeping your system fresh. You can aso expect smoother shifting, as the flush lubricates the clutch plate.

An automatic transmission flush is a fluid replacement that removes virtually all of your old transmission fluid before replacing it with fresh fluid. Flushes are the the best way to beat corrosion and rust, and general daily wear and tear on your vehicle’s transmission gears.


Here are a few reasons people choose an automatic transmission flush:


Longer Transmission Life 

Would you use the same water to wash your dirty dishes every day? Of course not! Not changing your transmission fluid is the same. 

Important additives in the old fluid break down and oxidize over time. When this happens, your transmission is no longer being properly cleaned and lubricated. This results in acid, rust, and sludge development which can lead to transmission failure. 

Luckily, this process can be stopped with a full transmission fluid flush. Extend the life of your vehicle today! 


Better Gear Shifting

Wear on your vehicle’s clutch plate is inevitable when you don’t change your vehicle’s automatic transmission fluid. A transmission flush helps gears shift smoothly by decreasing friction. Immediately, you’ll find that your car, truck, or SUV changes gears effortlessly as you drive up any hills. 


Less Overheating

In the long run, friction between clutch plates will generate heat that is bad for your transmission. An automatic transmission flush will prevent this overheating. This will cause your transmission to perform better, even when friction occurs.

The cold can be a problem too here in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Fresh, high-quality transmission fluid provides great low-temperature fluidity. This is important for good cold-start shifting during those cold winter months.

When Is it Time for a Transmission Flush?

Even the best quality transmission fluid is only effective for so long. For most vehicles, a transmission flush every 30,000 miles will keep your automatic transmission running smoothly.

What We Use: Havoline® Automatic Transmission Fluids

We’ll keep your transmission firing on all cylinders by selecting the right grade of Havoline® Automatic Transmission Fluid for your vehicle. We’ll make sure any fluid we use will keep your vehicle running smoothly until your next scheduled transmission flush.


  • Excellent shift quality throughout service life of your vehicle
  • Low sludge and varnish deposits 
  • Rust, corrosion, and wear protection
  • Viscosity retention at high operating temps
  • Outstanding high-temperature oxidation resistance with excellent dispersancy and detergency
  • Excellent low-temperature fluidity for good cold-start shifting


  • Compatible with components for both plastic and elastomeric transmissions
  • Custom balanced additive combinations that meet the friction properties specified by manufacturers


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