Radiator Flush and Fill Service with Antifreeze & Coolant at Fast Lane Tigard

At Fast Lane Tigard, we use the highest quality antifreeze/ and coolant to ensure your vehicle lives its best life.

If not replaced at recommended intervals, coolant will deteriorate and antifreeze will becomes acidic. This leads to corrosion and damage to your radiator, thermostat, and water pump.

We use Havoline® Antifreeze/Coolant (or other premium OEM radiator antifreeze/coolant) to ensure the health of your car.

Benefits Of a Radiator Flush and Fill Service with Havoline® Antifreeze/ and Coolant 

  • Keeps the radiator running efficiently

  • Prevents rust and corrosion in the radiator and all metal parts of the engine, heater core, and water lines

  • Keeps the radiator running longer

  • Keeps the vehicle engine running longer

  • Boosts vehicle performance and power

  • Lubricates and protects the water pump

  • Protects the heater core (providing you with heat inside the vehicle)

  • Prevents corrosion which can lead to expensive repairs

  • Reduces the chance of blown head gaskets in the engine block

  • Lubricates vital seals in the cooling system

  • Helps prevent summer radiator boil-overs and winter freeze-ups


Why Replace Coolant and Antifreeze at Fast Lane Tigard?

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