Gearbox Fluid Service


Your vehicle’s differential gears mesh against each other every single time your wheels rotate. If they‘re not protected by fresh gearbox fluid, this leads to wear and tear on the metal parts in your gearbox.

At Fast Lane Oil Change in Tigard, we recommend your gearbox fluid, otherwise known as differential fluid, be checked and changed regularly.

Old or contaminated gearbox fluid does not retain its ability to protect the metal components and clutch plates in your differential. This can lead to worn or even broken ring and pinion gears over time, resulting in an undriveable car.


Our Gearbox Fluid Service

The specialists at Fast Lane Oil Change in Tigard know the importance of protecting your car’s differential. 

A vehicle’s differential transfers the correct level of your engine’s power to your vehicle’s wheels. Top performance of your car is impossible If it’s not operating at effectively. 

When you bring your car, truck or SUV to us, we begin by taking a look at your gearbox fluid to ensure your gearbox is full and not leaking. We want to see it fresh and free of bits of metal worn from your gears. This lets us know if there are other problems we should be looking out for.

Depending on the car and environment, your gearbox fluid should be replaced every 10,000-50,000 miles. Vehicles that often tow heavy loads like boats, RVs, or trailers will need to have their gearbox fluid serviced more regularly. 

After we check your gearbox fluid, we’ll drain it completely and fill it with fresh fluid.


Benefits of Gearbox Fluid Service

Gearbox fluid, much like any other lubricating oil, breaks down over time and will need to be replaced eventually. By having your gearbox fluid serviced at Fast Lane Oil Change in Tigard, you can drive confidently, knowing your differential is shielded from the metal-on-metal damage caused by old, broken down fluid.

Did you know that low gearbox fluid is a common cause of loud vehicle noises! Metal gears grind against each other without proper lubrication, causing this sound. If your car is making a loud “roaring” sound, watch out! This could be caused by gears spinning so fast (and without lubrication) that they may lock, seizing up your entire vehicle. Fresh fluid will cause your car to be noticeably quieter.

Changing your gearbox fluid will also save you money. A new differential can cost over $1,500 on many cars. This is  expensive repair  can be easily avoided by simply having your fluid serviced and replaced regularly.


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